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Carl Stevens at 2016 CrossFit Open

Fed up with feeling tired and weak....

I started with CrossFit in 2015. I have participated in the CrossFit Open every year since, and consistantly place in the top 10 in my division. While at CrossFit I learned  about being strong, and found that I was pretty good at lifting heavy weights for my age.

Carl Stevens at USAPL Mud Atlantic Regionals


  Hey! This is Carl Stevens...I started 55plus.fit Personal Training in Dover to help you reach your fitness goals. Don't let this 64 year old man fool ya.! I've got 4 CrossFit Opens to my credit and last year placed 5th in Delaware in the Master 60+RX. Also an active powerlifter in USA Powerlifting, with 23 state records in Delaware. The deadlift is my favorite with a RM 3a 170Kg - 105 (374#) record to my credit. Also an avid cyclist and Savage Race obstacle course finisher. But, enough about me....how can I help you reach your goals? Needing to improve your strength and balance? I'm sure we can work together to get you headed in the right direction . My passion for strength and fitness is based on a passion for living life to its fullest and providing training for seniors Delaware

senior fitness training in Dover Delaware with 55plus.fit


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